Excellent coating for parts of flat geometry: Sprimag Three-axis Coating Machine

The Sprimag Three-axis Coating Machine is an extremely versatile system for coating applications with the highest quality requirements. It is suitable for coating flat parts, where a specified layer thickness must be precisely held within very tight tolerances. This may be: automotive interior parts, faceplates, pushbuttons, keyboards keys: laser paint coatings, (day and night design). The parts are carried on a conveying axis inside the machine. Coating is carried out by one or several machine spray guns, which are mounted on a reciprocating axis installed transverse to the conveying direction. During the coating program, the pallet may be horizontal rotated and then recoated, hence creating a crisscross spraying pattern. Another strength of the Three-axis Coating Machine is its modular design, as well as the available modular extensions and expansions.


Additional Options:
  • Pallet encoding with automatic process flow through the system
  • Pretreatment such as ionization, flame activation, CO2 snow cleaning
  • Integrated flash-off zone, cure oven and cooling zone
  • Different curing processes (convection, infrared, UV, …)
  • Linkage of transport system with external production areas
  • Air make-up system for filtered and conditioned supply air.
  • Sprimag 2K-/3K-paint supply system
  • completely integrated in the central control system
  • Waste disposal system (sludge press, centrifugal separator)
  • and much more...