Highly flexible coating of parts with complex geometries: The Sprimag Robotic Coating Cell

The Sprimag Robot Coating Cell is suitable for high performance and top quality coating of parts in medium quantities. The range of products may be 3-D plastic parts or other parts with complex geometries such as automotive accessories, automotive interior parts, cell phone housings or front panels for electronic equipment. Because of the ease of set-up and the simple programming, the flexibility is virtually unlimited while not at all complicated. Part recipes allow for maximum flexibility while requiring no operator robot intervention. A servo driven shuttle axis with a double pallet carrier results in shorter changeover times and an efficient use of the cycle time. Installing the paint robot high on the sidewall of the spray booth generates not only unrestricted movement for the robot, but also frees the cabin ceiling of obstacles that could impede the linear airflow through the mezzanine filter panels which compose the entire ceiling.

Robot Coating Cell
  • High quality coating of complex parts or 3D shapes
  • Stand-alone unit or integrated system
  • Pallet size max. 800 x 800 mm
  • Coating materials may be water or solvent-based
  • Over-spray extraction, wet or dry
  • Flexible production by computer integrated control
  • Ease of use with touch-screen and graphical user interface
Additional Options:
  • Pallet encoding with automatic process flow through the system.
  • Pretreatment such as ionization, flame activation, dry ice (CO2).
  • Integrated flash-off zone, cure oven and cooling zone
  • Sprimag 2K/3K paint supply system
  • Curing oven with UV, convection, infrared or induction
  • Waste disposal system (sludge press, centrifugal separator)
  • and many more...
Coating example

With the Sprimag Robot Coating Cell 3-D plastic-parts can optimal be coated.