High Capacity for flat parts: Sprimag Flat Bed Coating Machine

With the Sprimag Flat Bed Coating Machine flat parts may be coated in a single machine cycle. It is particularly suitable for plastic parts that must be coated precisely and in large quantity.  Examples include: cell phone housings, interior automotive parts, faceplates, pushbuttons, keyboards, appliance parts and furniture handles. Standard part measurements go to up to 1600 x 800 mm with larger parts (e. g. photovoltaic panels) possible by part transfer on a belt conveyor without pallets. Reduced space requirements can be achieved by utilizing a multi-level oven.
Several spray guns mounted on a reciprocating axis allow high conveying speeds through the unit while maintaining a uniform coating.


Flat Bed Coating Machine
  • High productivity, especially with respect to the area coated
  • Depending on the application various conveying technologies may the employed
  • High temperature stability provided by horizontal airflow curing ovens
  • Step-less variation of conveying and axis speeds
  • Over-spray extraction, wet or dry
  • Ease of use, equipped with touch-screen and graphical operator interface
  • Spray guns can be easily exchanged, quick release system
  • Load and unload of parts at the same position
Additional options
  • Pretreatment such as ionization, flame activation, dry ice (CO2)
  • Multiple spray stations in a single unit
  • Cleaning station with rotary brushes for the underside of the carrier frames.
  • Air make-up system for filtered and conditioned air supply
  • Sprimag 2K-/3K-paint supply system, fully integrated
  • Completely integrated in the central control system
  • Waste disposal system (sludge press, centrifugal separator)
  • and much more...