Collapsible tube latexing machine

Tube Latexing Machine: TGA-250: Machine capacity up to 250 tubes/minute (depending on capacity step)

For special filling materials a seal ring at the end of the tube is necessary, in order to ensure tightness of the seam after closing. This application is carried out precisely by the Sprimag Latexing Machine for tubes type TGA-250. All Latexing Machines for tubes manufactured by Sprimag may be integrated into automatic tube production lines with index 150, 170, 180 or 250 without any problems.


Tube Latexing Machine TGA-250
  • New S-540 centrifugal gun
  • Protection of the bearings from latex contamination
  • Automatically synchronized via encoder to the upstream machine
  • Mechanical adjustment of Tubes without compressed air
  • Automatic ejection of Tubes for inspection
  • No formed parts
  • Adaptable for processing of heat-seal lacquer