New Collapsible Tube Latexing Machine TGA-200/ 30

The new latexing machine generation from Sprimag: TGA-200/ 300, is equipped with a new transferring and latexing concept on a drum. The new latexing machine differs from the previous generation, the TGA-250, which is based on a belt conveyor system. The machines of the new TGA-200/ 300 range will meet all future requirements in accurate latexing- and heat-seal lacquer applying much better.


Tube Latexing Machine TGA-200/ 300
  • Precise positioning of the aluminum tubes on to the latexing drum
  • TGA-200 with two centrifugal guns, max speed:
    180 tubes per minute
  • TGA-300 with three centrifugal guns, max speed:
    300 tubes per minute
  • Latest centrifugal gun generation S-540
  • Due to the flexible infeed, this machine is compatible with all existing machines
  • Optional discharge conveyor with heat-seal lacquer application with driven conveyor rolls, to avoid mixing of the lacquer.
  • Option to expand to a complete whole-/ crack testing machine
  • Optional use of the Sprimag own developed application system Easy-Step, this system enables the re-/ and adjusting of the latex apply during the production via the operating panel, without stopping the machine.