Internal coating of powder and wet paint: HIL-70 coating machine

Internal powder coating has been a subject of great interest to manufacturers of collapsible tubes and aerosol cans for several years. The VOC Solvent Emissions Directive (SED) has provided additional impetus to this coating method. Sprimag has addressed the challenge of reducing overall solvent emissions with the introduction of the HIL-70. With the developed HIL-70, it is possible to coat both, with wet and powder coating. The dual-use system allows easy retrofitting of the machine from wet paint to powder, thus ensuring a smooth implementation to the new technology without investment risk.




Internal Powder Coating Machine HIL-70/-72
  • Vacuum handling outside of spray cabin
  • Accurate and smooth movement for the powder application
  • Quick and easy diameter change
  • Safety-unlock on each powder gun
  • Manufactured in accordance with the ATEX directives
Internal Drier for Cans (DIT)
  • Reduced wear of the transport chain and the chain wheels
  • Quick and easy removal and reassembly of the shafts and chain wheels
  • Chain tensioner with weight, electronically monitored
  • Easy accessibility due to large doors
  • Quadruple door lock
  • Special door hinges for synchronized door closing
  • Large outer doors on the oven’s front and rear sides

Inside the Internal Drier for Cans (DIT), polymerization of the internal coating takes place. Because no solvents are released, the volume of exhaust air of the dryer is much lower compared to the wet coating drier. Therefore the amount of heat lost with the exhaust air is greatly reduced resulting in significant energy savings.