Internal wet spray coating of Tubes with production rates up to 250 tubes/minute

The nominal production speed of the HIL-60/-62 is 200 cans per minute with a double row annealing oven and drying oven. Part diameters can range from 10 to 50 mm.

Similar to the HIL-64 machine, the spray gun tips plunge completely into the tube and trigger as they are withdrawn from the part insuring complete internal coverage. This coating is carried out simultaneously by 9 spray guns in a triple-coat process.


HIL-60/-62 features:
  • Intermediate dryer (HIL-62 only)
  • Cam-driven spray gun movement
  • Transfer from two-row annealing oven into the two-row drying oven via the transfer drum
  • Rotation monitoring of the chucks
  • Monitoring of electromagnetic spray-timing-valves
  • Quick and easy diameter change
  • Interior covers made of stainless steel
  • Automatic ejection of tubes for inspection
  • Manufactured in accordance with the ATEX directives
Chip Blow-off Drum CBD
  • Systematic suction of chips
  • Mechanical motion sequence
  • 5 blow-off lances
Annealing Oven for Collapsible Tubes TGO, Internal Drier for Collapsible Tubes TIT
  • Reduced wear of the transport chain and the chain wheels
  • Quick and easy removal and reassembly of the shafts and chain wheels
  • Chain tensioner with weight, electronically monitored
  • Large doors provide easy maintenance access
  • Quadruple door lock
  • Special door hinges for synchronized door closing
  • Large outer doors on the oven’s front and rear sides
HIL-40/-42 | 170 Tuben/min

Are you looking for a coating machine with less capacity? Sprimag has the right solution: HIL-40/-42

TGA-250 | Tube Latexing

Tube Latexing - the optimal sealing of the tube fold with the TGA-250 from Sprimag.