HIL-05 - Internal Coating Machine with lancing Spray Guns

The new internal coating machine HIL-05, was designed for the internal coating of beverage cans and bottles with a large trimmed can height relative to the diameter. This machine, which was specifically designed for the requirements of the beverage packaging industry, is extremely robust, provides high availability, and fulfills the highest standards of hygiene and ease of cleaning through machine housing that is largely of stainless steel.

The new HIL-05 is equipped with 9 lancing spray guns to achieve a uniform coating, even with slender cans and bottles.



Advantages at a glance

•    Continuous motion / lancing spray guns
•    Excellent coating quality
•    Uniform coating of the base and the side walls
•    Provides high availability
•    High cycle rates
•    Extremely robust
•    Fulfills the highest sanitary standards
•    Well suited for bottle can shapes


Facts and Figures

    •    Product range: beverage cans and bottles
    •    Product diameter: max. 66 mm
    •    Trimmed can height: max. 260 mm
    •    Individual machine speed: 350 cans per minute
    •    Processing of solvent-based or water-based coatings
    •    Air atomizing spray equipment or airless spray equipment