First coating, then vulcanizing: Machines to apply rubber-to-metal bindings

Sprimag is internationally well known as a supplier of high quality coating machines for spraying of rubber-metal-bonders (e.g. Chemosil, Chemlok®, MegumTM). The rubber-metal-bonder agent serves as etch primer for the rubber, which will be applied and cured before the rubber is applied by a vulcanization process. The application consists of two coating processes; first the primer and then the bonder, applied one after another. For water-based bonders the parts are often heated before being coated.

Sprimag offers solutions for all capacity requirements.
Whether a compact Roundtable for small numbers or a fast-running Chain Coating Machine for higher capacities, Sprimag machines may be equipped for both internal and/or external coating of parts. Through the fully developed engineering, Sprimag machines are retooled easily and quickly.