A totally integrated PVD System!

Sprimag has partnered with some of the world's leading PVD machine manufacturers to create complete turnkey solutions such as our new CombiCoater.  Standard Sprimag coating machines along with the sputter machine create the core of the system with options available to further enhance system capabilities.  The following technologies are employed in the CombiCoater:

  • Robot coating
  • Ultraviolet curing
  • 2 components mixing and dosing unit
  • HVLP applications
  • Automated product handling via product carrier – transfer system
  • Clean-room technology

The system can be further customized using other Sprimag machines such as the Robot-Shuttle or the Three-axis Coating Machine. The modular setup offers the possibility of converting or extending a batch PVD system into an inline system, or for linear spindle coating using combinations of pallets, robots and flexible process paths.



PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition): A superior approach to chrome plating

Improved functionality and flexibility are the main advantages of the relatively new coating process "PVD coating for plastic parts".  PVD coating is a multi-stage process.  The parts are first pretreated with a primer coat.  Thereafter in the PVD process itself the parts are "sputter coated" in a vacuum chamber while electrically charged.  Finally a protective clearcoat layer is sprayed over the metallic finish.  Unlike chrome plating there are no cyanide dip tanks or other chemical baths that have negative environmental impacts.
This process has already found applications in automotive logos, cosmetic packaging and in some areas of sanitary engineering. PVD's flexibility is enhanced through the ability to control the deposition layer thickness, deposition material, availability of various primer and topcoats, and even the part material itself.  The combination allows the customer to better control both the appearance and physical properties of the end product.


Sprimag CombiCoater
PVD coating system