Coatings for illuminated plastic parts

Precise coating thickness for Illuminated plastic parts

Backlit plastic parts are often seen in keyboards, buttons, scales and displays.  They are especially common in vehicle dashboards, home theater systems, cell phone keypads and other home electronics.

The plastic itself is normally transparent or translucent.  Special single or multi-layer paints are applied to create the mask. The desired designs are then etched by a laser beam which cuts through successive paint layers to create the required effect. To achieve an optimal result from laser etching, paint  thickness precision is paramount and must not deviate by more than ± 5 µm.

The Sprimag Three-axis Coating Machine was originally developed specifically for this application. For even higher production throughput we offer our Flat-bed Spraying Machine. Small parts are mounted on fixtures which are transported on pallets through the coating machine.

The design of the entire air circulation system from the spray booth through the oven and cooling zones insures the pieces are coated, cured and cooled without any risk of particulate contamination. Depending upon the geometry and number of pieces, it is usually possible to place the part carrier directly into a laser machine without unloading the pieces.

Three-axis Coating Machine

The Sprimag Three-axis Coating Machine is specially designed for the requirements of the Day- and Night-Design.

Flat Bed Coating Machine

For a higher capacity we offer a Flat Bed Spraying Machine.