Coatings for cosmetic packaging

High Impact Cosmetics Packaging

Often the purchase decision of cosmetics and hygiene products is heavily influenced by the outer packaging.  Often the cost of the packaging itself can far exceed the actual cost of the contents. Vibrant colors, complex geometries or metallization can increase the perceived value of glass or plastic containers. With hot foil stamping, silkscreen or pad printing, information or logos are overlaid with a protective or special effect paint. Alternatively a paper-thin metal layer applied via a PVD process may be used.

For the coating of lipstick tubes, mascara wands, cream jars or perfume bottles, all of which are usually produced in great quantity, the Sprimag Chain Coating Machine is ideally suited.  For smaller quantities or larger parts the Sprimag Round Table may be a more suitable choice. In combination with metallization using PVD-coating Sprimag offers solutions developed especially for PVD applications.

Chain-type Coating Machine

The Sprimag Chain-type Coating Machine is ideally suited for the coating of cosmetic parts, which are mostly produced in very high numbers.

Round Table

For the coating of Cosmetic Parts with small piece number Sprimag recommends the Round Table Coating Machine.