Surface Coating of Plastics

Because they are so versatile, plastics can be found in virtually every consumer product. As flexible as plastics are they can be further enhanced with the appropriate surface coating. Sprimag offers a coating solution for every plastic application, whether it requires a stand-alone machine or a complete system with all the options such as paint supplies, mixing units, pretreatments, cure ovens, etc.


Plastic parts are usually coated for functional and/or decorative reasons. Sprimag equipment is has been used in the following applications:

Functional requirements:

  • Chemical resistance of the surface
  • Resistance against environmental conditions (humidity, ultraviolet radiation resistance)
  • Abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Electrical conductive (partial) surfaces as screening against electromagnetic radiation (cell phones)

Decorative Requirements:

and Tactile Requirements:

  • Soft-Touch
  • Leather-effect