Wheel hub coating machine

Partial corrosion protection on wheel hubs with Sprimag technology

Whether for corrosion protection of wheel hubs or complete wheel bearing mountings with partial or complete coating, Sprimag offers compact solutions with unique advantages. Flange facing and other parts are kept free of overspray without the need for masking, all through the use of Sprimag's precision spray guns.

According to the capacity required, as well as the coating process, systems based on a Roundtable or a Chain-type Coating Machine may be used. Through the compact design of these systems the coating machine may be easily integrated into a production line.

Depending upon the coating material (GEOMET®, zinc-rich paint, water-based or ultraviolet curable paint) conventional convection, inductive, IR (Infra-red) or UV (ultraviolet) curing ovens may be used.

For pre-mounted wheel bearings Sprimag offers additional options for partial cleaning of the surfaces before coating.