Machine for coating automotive transmission parts

Stop-off paint for gears and other transmission parts; Precision with Sprimag-dispensing

Transmission components such as gears must be protected from hardening during heat treatment. This is done by a stop-off paint (e.g. Condursal), which is sprayed onto the area to be protected. Normally either spraying or dip coating is employed.

With three-dimensional components, it is very difficult and often only possible using masking. The flow technology enables the spraying of the hardness protection without masks with high accuracy. Thereby, the processes will be simplified and the operating cost reduced.

The flow technology is ideally suited for the application of high viscous coating agents such as adhesives, pastes or stop-off paint. With this dispensing the coating agent will be sprayed in the form of a trail. By applying the trails side by side and their subsequent flowing out into one other can large areas be easily covered.