Brake discs partially or completely coated? Sprimag has the solution

As the world leader in the coating of brake rotors, Sprimag can easily demonstrate its performance and innovation by the number of installations worldwide. Whether partial or complete coating, with or without coating of the air vents, Sprimag has the right solution for your brake disc.

Capacity and coating process requirements help to determine whether a Roundtable or a Chain Machine is more appropriate.  The optimal curing process depends upon the coating (GEOMET®, AluTherm, zinc-rich paint, water-based or ultraviolet curable). Conventional convection, inductive, ultraviolet and infrared curing are all commonly used.

Special coatings require specialized application equipment. Sprimag has already developed numerous custom spray nozzles that make the processing of coating possible with lower maintenance and less manufacturing downtime. Sprimag can coat without masking in many cases where masking would otherwise be required.

Through a combination of process know-how and application techniques all supplied from one source, Sprimag has the ability and experience to supply the best available technology.

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Round Table Coating Machine

The Sprimag Roundtable Coating Machine is a compact solution to coat brake discs with little piece number.

Chain-type Coating Machine

With the Chain-type Coating Machine, brake discs can be coated optimally in mass production.