Collapsible tubes

Over 60 years experience Internally Coating Collapsible Tubes

For decades Sprimag has been the benchmark for advances in internally coating aluminum tubes technology.  Examples of Sprimag’s leading technology are the newly patented AVT (Ausgleichs-Verschiebe-Trommel) transfer drum.  This multiple row transfer system provides the most efficient and reliable production process.  Other examples of the many innovations from Sprimag are the patented Chip Blow-off Drum CBD and the automatic spray gun cleaning station.

Sprimag developed the following machines for internal coating of collapsible tubes:

  • HIL-40 Without Intermediate Drier
    HIL-42 With Intermediate Drier
    Capacity up to 170 Tubes /Minute.
  • HIL-60 Without Intermediate Drier
    HIL-62 With Intermediate Drier
    Capacity up to 250 Tubes/Minute.



HIL-40/-42 | Internal coating

With the HIL-40/-42 up to 170 tubes per minute can be internal coated.

HIL-60/-62 | 250 Tubes/min

Are you looking for a coating machine with more capacity? Sprimag has the right solution for you: HIL-60/-62.

TGA-250 | latexage de tubes

Latexage de tubes -  L’étanchéité optimale pour le piage de tubes avec le TGA-250 de Sprimag.