Coated beverage cans

Internal coating of beverage cans

At Sprimag being innovative is to continuously provide solutions that meet and exceed ever increasing market and environmental requirements.  Early recognition and support of market trends has proven over many decades of experience that custom Internal Coating Systems provide the greatest flexibility and longest life.  Sprimag coating systems provide the highest quality process and reliability.

The Sprimag HIL-34 internally coats up to 350 cans per module.  The Sprimag HIL-15 coats the outside bottom at a rate up to 900 cans per minute. A single spray function coats the dome, rim and chime.  The coating is then cured via an induction drier.

New Internal Coating Machine

HIL-05 for internal coating of beverage cans and bottles with a large trimmed can height.

HIL-34 for Beverage Cans

With the HIL-34 up to 350 beverage cans can be internal coated per module.

External bottom coating

For the external bottom coating of cans Sprimag offers the HIL-15.